The Village of Chicago Ridge PD Tackles Scofflaw

The Village of Chicago Ridge Police Department Uses The Barnacle® to Tackle Ever-Increasing Scofflaw List  

The Village of Chicago Ridge faced a persistent challenge with parking violations, compounded by a significant scofflaw list dating back to the 1990s. Seeking innovative solutions, the village discovered The Barnacle®, a modern parking enforcement device that aids in collections. 

Using The Barnacle® to Address Scofflaw

In August 2021, the village began using the devices as part of their new parking enforcement strategy. Their process is simple:  

  1. An officer Barnacles a vehicle on the scofflaw list. 
  2. The vehicle owner either pays their outstanding citations or enrolls in a payment plan. 
  3. An officer removes the device. 

Chief of Police, Jim Jarolimek, shared “By the time we put a Barnacle on a car, the owner has accumulated a couple of thousand dollars worth of citations,” which is why so many are amenable to working out a payment plan. 

The Results

With The Barnacle, the village recovered more than $35,000 in outstanding fines in the first year. Nearly 90% of deployed Barnacles result in citizens paying outstanding fines, significantly reducing the village’s scofflaw list. Plus, the device has served as a deterrent to future violations. 

“Even though the number of parking tickets we issue has gone up, the amount of people going into collections has gone down, so I think it’s been a successful deterrent,” said Chief Jarolimek. 

To further mitigate parking infractions, the village revised its policy in 2022, reducing the threshold for scofflaw status from five citations to three. This proactive measure aimed to prevent individuals from accruing exorbitant fines. 


The Village of Chicago Ridge Police Department successfully leveraged The Barnacle to streamline parking enforcement operations, enhance revenue collection, and promote compliance with parking regulations. Through strategic implementation and policy adjustments, they effectively addressed longstanding parking challenges. 

For inquiries about implementing The Barnacle for your parking management needs, contact a Barnacle Parking team member at or call (201) 940-7509.