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A Parking Enforcement Solution That Sticks

The Barnacle is a revolutionary smart parking enforcement device that visibly encourages parking compliance.

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A new solution to an age-old problem

Revolutionary parking enforcement meets real-time monitoring. Barnacle puts you in the driver’s seat enabling you to manage deployed devices via a sophisticated app.

Deploying the Barnacle

It starts with The Barnacle device. When an offending vehicle is identified, the parking manager activates The Barnacle using the Enforcer App, inputs vehicle information, and places The Barnacle on the windshield to obscure the motorist’s view. Upon inputting the device code, commercial-grade suction cups latch onto the glass with 1,000 pounds of force, making forcible removal next to impossible.

Motorist Release

Once they have paid their fine, motorists can easily release The Barnacle themselves.

Return to Drop Box

Motorists return the lightweight Barnacle to a nearby Drop Box – no enforcer interaction needed.


The Enforcer App is an all-in-one deployment and monitoring tool that you access from your phone or tablet. You’ll be able to see the status of your Barnacles so you’ll know how many have been deployed, released by motorists, or returned to be deployed again.

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Barnacle Benefits

Parking enforcement should be simple, safe, and secure. With Barnacle, it is.

  • The Barnacle is safer

    A single enforcer can deploy the lightweight device from a standing position in full sight of oncoming motorists vs. kneeling on the pavement.

  • The Barnacle is more convenient

    Barnacle is a win-win for everyone. Operators spend less time deploying and releasing devices, and motorists don’t have to wait for an operator to remove the immobilizer.

  • The Barnacle is cost-effective

    When enforcement agents don’t need to return to the location where the violation occurred, you spend less on gas and labor costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barnacle devices run on rechargeable lithium batteries that typically last up to seven days.
Rain and snow are no match for the Barnacle. The device’s commercial-grade suction cups adhere to the windshield with more than 1,000 pounds of force, even when it’s wet.
As long as the operator takes care when deploying the device, the Barnacle won’t crack or chip the windshield. Our devices have been tested and vetted by American Glass Research.
While it's technically possible, it rarely happens in practice (and we wouldn't recommend it). The unfolded Barnacle obscures most of the windshield, and a built-in GPS and tamper alarm make the runaway device easy to track down.
It’s unlikely. The device’s smart technology adjusts the suction level to respond to changes in climate and temperature, so using the defroster isn’t an option. Removing the entire windshield would trigger the tamper alarm, and it would be challenging to find an auto shop that would comply with this illegal request.

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