How The Barnacle® Works

1.  Deployment

A parking enforcer activates The Barnacle®, inputs vehicle information, and places The Barnacle on the vehicle windshield. Commercial-grade suction cups latch onto the glass with 1,000 pounds of force, making forcible removal next to impossible.

2.  Motorist Release

The motorist calls the phone number or visits the website displayed on The Barnacle, pays their fine (if applicable) and are given a release code.

3.  Return to The Barnacle Drop Box

The motorist returns the lightweight Barnacle to a nearby drop box. If applicable, the refundable deposit held on the driver’s credit card is voided. Most drop boxes are on-site or walking distance from where The Barnacle is deployed.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

Via the free companion Enforcer App, enforcers can set the fines, enter vehicle and situational information, and see status of deployed, released, and returned Barnacles.


Tamper Alarms + Alerts

A deafening alarm sounds if tampered with or moved, triggering instant enforcer alerts.


Reporting & Analytics

 Know how, when and why each Barnacle was deployed.


True GPS

Know the active location of every Barnacle device, plus status.



Deploy and Remove While Standing

Kneel to no one. Stay upright and remain visible and safe.

Stay Clean

Car rims, tires and street gutters are the dirtiest objects on Earth. Let’s avoid them.


Transport Confidently

Enjoy a familiar briefcase design vs. upholstery-tearing devices that resemble boat anchors.



Easy To Use

Can be easily deployed or removed in as fast as a minute.


Visible Compliance

The highly-visible Barnacle reminds other motorists to follow parking rules, driving compliance faster.

Stay Mobile

All actions can be done in the field from a smart phone with zero motorist interaction.


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