Who Uses The Barnacle®

Property Managers and HOAs

Solve parking problems without towing. Use The Barnacle® to enforce the parking rules and encourage others to follow them.

Parking Operators

Enforce the parking rules with your current staff—no additional hires needed. The lightweight Barnacle allows motorists to remove and return the device, reducing your staff’s interaction with motorists.


Safely enforce the parking rules. Use The Barnacle to clear your scofflaw list or as a digital reusable parking ticket. Deploy the device in minutes from a standing position in full view of oncoming traffic.

Security Companies

You’re already on-property. Greatly enhance your value by adding parking enforcement with Barnacle to your offering.

Universities and Schools

Enforce in a way that’s fair for students. Increase parking permit adoption. Barnacle cars without permits and release the devices once a permit is purchased.


Patient satisfaction and experience is everything. Use The Barnacle to encourage employee parking compliance and more, ensuring your patients always have a spot.

Business Owners

Ensure parking spots are available for your paying customers. Enforce the parking rules with The Barnacle and visually drive compliance.

Towing Companies

Expand your revenue by complementing your towing services with The Barnacle. Save time and gas through streamlined operations.

Corporate Campuses

Ensure that your employees are parking where they are supposed to, keeping visitor spots available for job candidates, vendors, and consultants.

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