Q: How much does a Barnacle cost?

A: Each Barnacle costs $250/month. The cost is quickly covered and exceeded through fine collection.

Q: How much does a Barnacle weigh?

A: 17 pounds soaking wet.

Q: Can The Barnacle be defeated by turning on the defroster?

A: Nope. Throughout the deployment, the device’s smart technology constantly auto-adjust to the ideal level of suction in any climate.

Q: Will The Barnacle crack the motorist's windshield?

A: Nope. The Barnacle has been tested by American Glass Research.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The Barnacle battery lasts 7 days if not deployed, and 5 days when deployed.

Q: Can the writing and messaging on the device be customized for me?

A: Yes, your entity name, phone and other details will be on the device, not ours.

Q: Can a motorist drive with The Barnacle on their windshield?

A: An Ace Ventura wannabe could always try, but they won’t make it far with tamper alarms blaring when the vehicle is moved.  Plus, GPS tracking will lead you right to them.

Q: What if a motorist doesn't return The Barnacle device?

A: When drivers pay their fines online or via the automated payment line, they also put down a deposit for the device. Motorists will only receive a refund on their deposit if they return The Barnacle to a Drop Box within 24 hours. Drop Box locations are provided after payment.

Q: What if the motorist doesn't have enough credit left on their credit card to pay the fine and deposit?

A: Their card will be declined and they will need to call the number on the device to have it removed.

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