University Edge Student Living Boosts Parking Compliance

The Challenge of Resident Parking Non-Compliance Before The Barnacle®

Nestled near Michigan State University, University Edge Student Living offers luxurious accommodations for its 792 residents and six retail businesses. However, with such a large community, parking violations became an unavoidable issue.

The problem was clear. Residents frequently parked in spaces designated for retail and restaurant patrons, which left tenants of the businesses concerned they were losing potential customers. This led University Edge to tow violators. Naturally, this frustrated residents because they had to retrieve their cars and pay costly towing bills.

Why University Edge Chose The Barnacle®

Realizing the punishment didn’t fit the crime, University Edge sought out a solution that would effectively and fairly enforce the parking rules. After seeing what The Barnacle can do via TikTok, the University Edge team decided to try the device themselves.

Alongside The Barnacle’s compelling features, the elimination of towing and a more convenient method of enforcement for residents stood out.

The Results

Since implementing The Barnacle®, University Edge Student Living has experienced a transformation in its parking enforcement strategy. Residents appreciate the alternative to towing, which proved to be both expensive and inconvenient. This shift has resulted in a remarkable spike in parking compliance, thanks to the highly visible nature of The Barnacle. When residents spot The Barnacle on other vehicles, they’re prompted to think twice before breaking the rules to avoid receiving one themselves.

General Manager Jaime Cook shared, “It’s causing people to park where they’re supposed to park and stopping them before they break the rules.”

Moreover, the decision to switch from towing to The Barnacle has unlocked a new stream of revenue that is used to improve the resident experience. Instead of residents paying extremely high fees to towing companies, they pay their parking fine to University Edge, who keeps what is collected. This additional income is reinvested into maintaining and enhancing the facility (like upgrading security cameras to improve resident safety), making The Barnacle a win-win solution for both the mixed-use complex and its residents.


University Edge Student Living’s successful experience with The Barnacle showcases the power of innovative parking enforcement solutions in transforming resident satisfaction, safety, and parking compliance. By choosing a fair and efficient approach, they have not only reduced towing-related inconveniences but also reinvested the collected fines to enhance their property.

To learn more about how The Barnacle can solve your parking problems, reach out to a Barnacle Parking team member at or call (201) 940-7509.