The Parking Happiness Podcast

Introducing Parking Happiness

Parking is rarely discussed in a positive light. Rather, it tends to be a topic associated with frustration, inconvenience, and annoyance.  

Although parking may evoke negative sentiments for many, it also presents an opportunity for creative problem-solving and innovation within the industry. By reframing the conversation and exploring alternative approaches, it’s possible to envision a future where parking is no longer a source of frustration but rather a seamless and sustainable aspect of urban life. 

That’s exactly what Tobi Marx discusses in his first episode of the Parking Happiness Podcast.

In the episode, Marx recounts his own negative parking experience, which served as his inspiration for creating the “roadmap to parking happiness.” 

The idea is to take a human-centered approach to parking that offers user-friendly experiences and enhances quality of life, thus shifting negative perceptions of parking.

Looking Ahead…

Future episodes will feature parking and mobility experts, parkers, and technology professionals. Basically, anyone that plays a role in parking. 

Check out new episodes every other Friday everywhere you listen to podcasts. 

Want to hear more about how Marx achieved parking happiness in Bend, Oregon? Be sure to check out his presentation IN PERSON at the IPMI Parking & Mobility Expo on June 9th, 2024. 

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