Rolling Out The Barnacle®

How to Roll Out The Barnacle to Your Residential Community 

So, you’ve done your research, created a solid parking enforcement plan, and decided to implement The Barnacle® as your fair and effective parking enforcement solution. Now you’re probably wondering how to inform your residents of the upcoming changes. 

This article will provide you with tips and free resources to help communicate your adoption of The Barnacle to your residential community.  

Whether your property is home to students, renters, homeowners, or visitors, the following strategies will empower you to make a seamless transition.  

5 Tips to Ensure Your Residents are Ready for The Barnacle® 

Springing new rules and procedures out of nowhere can be alarming and stressful—especially if motorists already have a set routine or have been breaking the rules with no financial consequences.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure all changes or implementations of parking enforcement are clear to residents as soon as possible. This helps avoid unnecessary violations and conflict with (and between) stressed motorists.   

Tip #1: Notify residents via fliers 

While digital is preferred by many, good old fashioned printed fliers can be just as effective in alerting your residents that The Barnacle® is coming. Be sure your flier includes the following information:  

  • How residents can avoid getting Barnacled™  
  • What to do if they get a Barnacle  
  • Why it’s better than the alternatives (*cough cough* booting and towing)  

Don’t have the time or resources to make it yourself? The Barnacle Parking team has you covered. We’ve got a template with the above information already created.  

Barnacle Announcement Flier Template Example

Whether you choose to post these on residents’ doors, their car windshields, or in their mailboxes, it’s also a good idea to post them in common areas they frequent; like elevators and main entrances.  

You should also include the flier in welcome packets for new residents. 

Tip #2: Send an email 

If you use email to communicate with residents, you can utilize our email template (yeah, we have that too) to alert your residents.   

The email should include the date you’ll begin using The Barnacle® to give residents enough time to prepare. We recommend sharing this email 5-7 days prior to the implementation of The Barnacle. Feel free to follow up with the flier (either via email or physical copies) a few days later.  

Barnacle Announcement Email Example

Tip #3: Create a social media post 

You can also raise awareness through your social media accounts. A simple Instagram or Facebook post can provide an opportunity to trigger empathy with residents and explain the benefits of your new parking enforcement:  

  • Improved resident safety.
  • No overly expensive towing fines.
  • Less time searching for parking.

After all, parking enforcement, by its very nature, is meant to improve the daily lives of the community.  

A social media post is also a great way to share how The Barnacle® works so your motorists can familiarize themselves with The Barnacle process.  

What’s that? You need a video demonstrating the step-by-step process for the motorist? Say no more—you can share our YouTube video that does exactly that. 

Tip #4: Add The Barnacle® to your website (if you’ve got one) 

Ensure your new parking enforcement information is easy to find on your organization’s website. This provides your residents with a location to quickly access this information whenever they need a refresher. Include your parking rules, the consequences for violating them, and how The Barnacle® works. 

To make this step easy, you can use the information from the flier in Tip #1, or even add the flier itself to your website. 

Tip #5: You’ve been Barnacled™ card 

As an added measure to avoid motorist panic once you’ve started deploying The Barnacle®, you can also utilize our You’ve been Barnacled™ card. These let the motorist know: 

  • They got a Barnacle because they broke the parking rules. 
  • What to do to pay their fine and remove The Barnacle. 
  • Why The Barnacle is more convenient than other enforcement methods.

Barnacle Motorist Card Example

Enforce Consistently

All the best parking enforcement plans and tools mean nothing without consistency. Ensure your team is well-equipped to consistently monitor and act on violations. Consistency is key to lowering future parking violations and helping to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and your parking enforcement managers. 

If you’re interested in any (or all) of the templates and resources listed above, let your Barnacle Parking account manager or our support team know.

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