Berwyn, IL — Enhancing Parking Enforcement With The Barnacle®

The Need to Upgrade Parking Enforcement

The City of Berwyn, IL Police Department faced a significant challenge with their parking enforcement strategy due to the constant damage inflicted upon their Denver Boots. Over the span of five years, their inventory of Denver Boots plummeted from 24 to just 2 units, largely due to citizens’ attempts to remove the boots without paying parking citations, often resulting in damage to the boots and/or their own vehicles. 

Additionally, the deployment of Denver Boots posed safety concerns for Community Service Officers (CSOs). When applying the boot, officers were forced to kneel on the ground, exposing their backs to passing traffic and potentially hazardous situations. 

Introducing The Barnacle®

Seeking a solution to these pressing issues, the Berwyn Police Department explored alternatives and discovered The Barnacle®, a modern parking enforcement device. To evaluate its efficacy firsthand, a Barnacle Parking representative conducted a live demonstration for the department, showcasing the device’s capabilities. 

The standout features of The Barnacle, including embedded GPS-tracking and tamper alarms, impressed the department. Moreover, its user-friendly design addressed the concerns of both officers and citizens. Unlike the previous system, where citizens had to visit the police department to pay fines and have an officer remove the boot, The Barnacle offers mobile payment options and self-release features, allowing citizens to handle fines efficiently without requiring officer assistance. 

Improved Enforcement and Officer Safety

The implementation of The Barnacle yielded tangible improvements in parking enforcement for the City of Berwyn Police Department. They have seen significantly fewer defeats and damaged devices because people are more hesitant to destroy The Barnacle and risk destroying their windshield. 

Moreover, the transition from deploying Denver Boots while kneeling to affixing The Barnacle from a standing position vastly improved officer safety. Jose Delgado, a CSO at the Berwyn Police Department, attested to the benefits, stating, “I would not want to go back to using the Denver Boot. With The Barnacle, I’m on my feet and can better see my surroundings. Plus, it’s better for my back and knees.” 

Overall, the adoption of The Barnacle revolutionized parking enforcement operations in Berwyn, IL, offering enhanced security, efficiency, and officer well-being. 

To learn more about how The Barnacle can solve your parking problems, reach out to a Barnacle Parking team member at or call (201) 940-7509.