Total versatility = tunable degrees of enforcement.


There are significant differences in how parking enforcement is handled on public vs. private property.  And the parking infraction types and rules within can vary greatly.  But with Barnacle’s revolutionary versatility, it’s perfectly suited for every situation.


Problematic parking causes chaos.  The bright yellow Barnacle device is highly visible and near eye-level, giving a clear sign to all other motorists that parking rules are under enforcement.

Parking violations or disregard for posted parking rules can linger long term and come endlessly.  The presence of The Barnacle in an area has been proven to modify behavior and greatly reduce parking problems.

The Barnacle is in wide use by cities, municipalities and by police and parking authorities to bring motorists with outstanding fines into compliance.  Motorists with multiple outstanding tickets or fines which have gone unheeded are Barnacled, where release is only granted after the driver provides remedy.

Despite “reserved for” signs, many businesses see customer parking spots consumed by non-patrons which results in lost revenue.  When towed, another vehicle slides in contributing to this endless cycle of loss.  With Barnacle, the fee the violator would have paid to a tow company instead comes to your business.

The Barnacle can be removed and returned by the motorist, saving the parking manager or enforcer from a drive back to the offending vehicle.  50% less driving means 50% less money spent on gas.

Someone owns the property a parking space sits on and often holds a mortgage/loan and has insurance and other overhead.  When those spaces are used improperly, motorists overstay their welcome or disregard posted rules, there is financial loss.  Barnacle creates new enforceable opportunities where infractions that were previously unenforceable are now easily addressed.

The Barnacle can be leveraged with a $0 fine, whereby the process of releasing and returning The Barnacle device serves to correct or warn a motorist about their parking habits.  You can determine if the second offense warrants a financial penalty.  Repossession companies and police use the Barnacle to freeze a vehicle in question.  Cities can use it as a digital parking ticket, where unpaid tickets will never happen as it’s paid on the spot.  The Barnacle is used in many combinations – or in a new way that works for you.


Property Managers, Residential & Real Estate

Property management companies often face parking-related challenges such as unauthorized parking, limited enforcement options, and high overhead costs associated with traditional remedies. These pain points can lead to frustrated residents and renters, bad reviews, increased expenses or worse.  From complexes or buildings with permanent residents to the short-term vacation rental market and more, parking spots are reserved for those with permits or those allowed to be there.  At times, however, it can be difficult to determine who belongs.  Towing is overly punitive, leaves people stranded and causes permanent enemies.  The Barnacle, however, allows you to address the problems in a far more diplomatic way.  In cases of mistaken identity, The Barnacle can be quickly released.

Parking and Towing Operators

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