University of Kansas Increasing Parking Efficiency and Safety

How the University of Kansas Increased Efficiency and Safety in Parking Lots with Barnacle Parking

The University of Kansas faced a problem of parking non-compliance among its students, leading to a shortage of parking spots and increased frustration among staff and students. Additionally, the enforcement officers tasked with ensuring compliance faced potentially dangerous situations while dealing with non-compliant motorists. This created a need for a solution that could ensure compliance without putting anyone in danger.

Enter The Barnacle®, a motorist-friendly, smart parking compliance device that helps universities streamline parking compliance by providing a more efficient and effective way to enforce parking regulations and reduce the burden on both enforcement officers and students.

University of Kansas: Booting Efforts Cut Short Due to Abusive Vehicle Owners

When the University of Kansas implemented their parking regulation policy, they soon realized that their plan to put a boot on a vehicle was not ideal. Some students, in an attempt to escape the consequences of their violation, chose to drive off with the boot still attached. This caused additional damage to the vehicles and left motorists  feeling frustrated and stuck in a difficult situation. In response, the University of Kansas abandoned the boots and adopted towing as the sole parking enforcement method.

Towing proved to be equally as challenging. Unfortunately, the campus experienced rising tensions between students and enforcement officers, who often would wait together for up to 30 minutes before a tow truck arrived to impound the vehicle. This situation was not ideal for either party.

The University of Kansas had an urgent need to enforce parking policies while also protecting their enforcement officers. At a conference, they discovered Barnacle Parking and its technology-based solution. Using Barnacle’s system the officers are able to immobilize vehicles quickly and without the risk of dangerous confrontations. Plus, students are able to release the device themselves once they have paid their fine(s) via phone or an online application and be on their way – no more waiting. With The Barnacle the University of Kansas is able to continue with their parking enforcement and compliance efforts and keep their officers safe. 

Barnacle Proves Innovative Hardware and Intuitive Software Boosts Compliance and Safety Standards

Since implementing The Barnacle, the University of Kansas has seen a dramatic improvement in the timeliness in which students pay off their parking citations. Students can now conveniently pay for their parking violations over the phone or online. Thanks to The Barnacle students no longer need to go to a tow yard to retrieve their vehicle, saving them time and a hefty towing fee. Once their fines are settled, students return The Barnacle to a secure on-site Drop Box and can promptly move on to their next class or activity.

In addition, campus enforcers are no longer faced with lengthy waits for a tow truck and possible conflicts with motorists. Deploying and removing The Barnacle device is faster than ever and much safer for enforcement personnel. Its lightweight design makes it a simple, stand-up task. Enforcers can conveniently deploy The Barnacle without having to kneel on the pavement out of sight of oncoming traffic, making the entire process safer.