Enforcing Parking Without Fear

Solve the Unsolvable and Protect Your Reputation With Barnacle

Those tasked with enforcing parking are often faced with a serious question: should I have this vehicle towed, or not?

Consider locations like a residential apartment complex. The leasing agent is tasked with taking two daily trips around the complex and comes across a vehicle that doesn’t have a parking pass. But could this be a resident who forgot to display their pass?

Then there’s the hospital security guard who discovers a vehicle parked in a “doctors only” spot with no sticker displayed. But is that really Dr. Cox, and he simply drove his wife’s car today?

Consider the owner of a beach condo complex who encounters an unknown vehicle in a spot reserved for his paying vacationers. But could this be a family who arrived at 3AM and they simply forgot to register their car during after-hours check in?

Restaurant owners face this classic conundrum: Is that car in my packed restaurant’s lot actually my patron, or did they walk to the pier to watch sunset?

Until now, towing has been the only option.

It’s up there on the list of one of the worst things you can do to a person. Your vehicle is gone. Once you finally figure out that you’ve been towed and where the impound lot is, now you’ve got to find a way to get there – plus, you’ll need to swing by the ATM and grab about $250 for the fee while you’re at it.

The decision to tow is a very serious one, even creating a moral dilemma. What if I accidentally tow a resident? What if this is actually a paying vacationer, but since I had the car towed, they’ll miss their day at Disney? If you tow, aside from the anger you’ll face from your newfound enemy, you’re likely to get a scorched-Earth 0-star review and could potentially even face a lawsuit.

We think this is a decision nobody should have to make. It’s also why until now, it’s been far easier just to forget about it and walk on by.

But guess what? That car at the apartment complex is someone who works nearby and doesn’t want to pay to park in their office garage, causing your residents to be inconvenienced and complain. The car in the doctor’s spot belongs to a coffee machine salesman, and now the doctor is late for surgery. That vehicle taking up the vacationer’s spot belongs to day-tripping surfer who is enjoying free parking by the beach, on your dime, while your renter has to park down the street and is already thinking about the negative review they’ll leave you on VRBO.

And they all get away with it, ongoing, because you are afraid to tow.

With Barnacle, you can enforce without fear.

The fact is, you have reason to suspect that a vehicle doesn’t belong there. There is no parking pass displayed, or the license plate isn’t on file. You quickly deploy The Barnacle, and your work is done.

Later, the vehicle owner returns. If they truly belong there, they’ll call the number on The Barnacle, explain their situation to you, and you can freely give them a release code. They are happily on their way a minute later. And next time, they won’t forget their parking pass.

If they actually are a problem parker, they know they’ve been caught. They pay their fine via app or phone, get their release code, and drive away thinking, “I won’t make that mistake again.”

The Barnacle is a newfound and easy way to solve the big parking problems that were previous unsolvable.  And The Barnacle allows you to do it in a way that’s safe for your reputation.  And the best part:  it can all be done without any in-person motorist interaction.

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