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What We Do For Parking Operators

Barnacle takes traditional parking enforcement and turns it on its head. Easy-to-deploy Barnacle devices allow motorists to pay their fines and re-mobilize their vehicles without operator intervention. The mobile Enforcer App receives real-time data from the Barnacles, including device activity, location, deployments, re-mobilizations and much more.

how it works

Operators are able to deploy The Barnacle in moments.

When a non-compliant vehicle is spotted, operators are able to activate The Barnacle using the Enforcer App and apply it’s commercial-grade suction cups to the vehicle’s windshield.

Motorists must pay the fine online or over the phone in order for the device to be released.

Once The Barnacle has been released, it can be returned to a nearby Drop Box.

Benefits for Parking Operators

Regardless of how you operate, the Barnacle can adapt to your processes while clearing the path for new revenue-generating opportunities.

Time savings
The device can be deployed in seconds and removed by the motorist once the payment is made, enabling operators to focus on revenue-generating efforts – not device removal.
Increased revenue
The Barnacle can be used in conjunction with your other enforcement efforts like towing, providing an additional revenue stream for your business.
Reduced risk
Barnacles are safe on glass and won’t damage vehicles.
Deploy the Barnacle from a standing position in full sight of oncoming vehicles and avoid putting yourself at personal risk.
Improved visibility
High-visibility devices deter other offenders, while Barnacled drivers can’t miss the device.

What our customers are saying

In my role as the Executive Director of the Reading Parking Authority, the employees at Barnacle Parking have exceeded my expectations in the areas of problem solving and customer service. For motorists, The Barnacle is friendlier than the boot. To work with the public, we use The Barnacle when an individual has 5-9 tickets. The Barnacle fee is $125 whereas the boot fee is $200. An important note is that more individuals have tried to drive off with the boot on their vehicles than with The Barnacle as it is securely attached on their vehicle’s windshield.
Thomas MacDougal Executive Parking Director, Reading Parking Authority
It’s not often we get a product that goes such a long way towards improving the safety of our people in the field while at the same time enhancing payment and release flexibility for the parking patron.
Kevin McCormick Deputy Director, Department of Public Safety, Town of Hungtington

Barnacle VS Boot

At less than half the weight of a traditional parking boot, the Barnacle is a safer, more portable enforcement solution. There’s no strain, no tools, and no need for operators to kneel on the rough cement to deploy the device. Unlike a boot, motorists can easily remove the Barnacle by themselves once the fine is paid–no need to wait for an operator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rain and snow are no match for the Barnacle. The device’s commercial-grade suction cups adhere to the windshield with more than 1,000 pounds of force, even when it’s wet.
While you shouldn’t experience any issues with a cracked windshield, it’s not recommended to use the Barnacle on damaged glass. For the rare cases when motorists drive (often illegally) with a cracked windshield, you may want to take an alternative approach to enforcement.
The Barnacle’s rechargeable lithium batteries last for seven days. Car chargers allow you to recharge the batteries on the move, while the Enoforcer App provides a real-time reading of each device’s battery status.
It’s highly unlikely that a motorist will attempt to drive off with a Barnacle, as the device blocks most of the windshield. Even if a motorist manages to hit the road, they (and those around them) will hear a non-stop tamper alarm. Each device also features onboard GPS tracking, so locating runaway motorists is effortless.
Because each Barnacle device is GPS-enabled, you’ll know when it reaches the Drop Box location post-removal. If a motorist fails to return a Barnacle to a Drop Box, you’ll also be informed (and they'll be charged the deposit fee, which you set).

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