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What We Do For Municipalities

Parking rules and regulations affect everyone in your community. Make enforcement and compliance easier with the Barnacle system. The solution leverages innovative design and intuitive tech to protect drivers and city workers from inefficiencies, inordinate expenses, and operational risk. Our strain-free, easy-to-use parking enforcement device reduces the potential for staff injury, while the motorist-release function and online payment portal save citizens time and bolster public opinion.

how it works

Enable municipal parking staff to patrol high-offense areas and enforce compliance.

Activate the Barnacle device by deploying it on the windshield to block the motorist’s field of view.

Once drivers successfully pay their fine they are able to release the Barnacle and return it to a nearby Drop Box.

Municipal staff members are then able to retrieve the used device and the cycle begins again.

Benefits for Municipalities

No matter the size of your municipality, Barnacle adapts to your needs.

Highly visible
The bright yellow Barnacle serves as a parking compliance reminder.
Safe Deployment
Enforcers deploy the Barnacle from a standing position vs. kneeling on the pavement out of site of oncoming vehicles.
Adaptable system
Add more Barnacle devices as needed to keep up with growing demand.
Simple payment options
Motorists can pay fines by phone or use our online payment portal.
User-friendly experience
Self-removal eliminates motorist wait times and rewards compliance with convenience.

What Our Customers Are Saying

For us, the Barnacle device has checked all the boxes; it’s effective, it’s easy to use, and it’s a time saver. Along with being an outstanding parking enforcement device, the Barnacle also comes with an exceptional customer service staff.
James Faup Lead Parking Enforcement Agent, City of Columbia
The Barnacle was introduced to the City of Berwyn Police Department to increase efficiency as well as safety measures among our parking enforcement division. We figured that The Barnacle could create a kinder experience with a motorist-release device for our constituents. Existing “traditional’ boots have been problematic to our city. Our department certainly has seen the benefits internally as our revenues have tripled since using this device to enforce on scofflaw. Also, our Community Service Officers have felt safer during deployments and have better oversight of the devices with the Barnacle Software, GPS Tracking and Real-Time Alerts. Overall, The Barnacle has done nothing but put a positive light on parking enforcement efforts among our community.
Sandro Scardamaglia Commander, City of Berwyn
Ever since we began using The Barnacle in the fall of 2021, the processes of both deploying devices and managing devices from our office have improved significantly. With The Barnacle devices being synced with our computers and mobile devices we now have a modernized way to manage and track all updates regarding deployed devices.
Sekela Coles Director of Parking Enforcement, Town of Upper Darby
When we put a Barnacle on a vehicle, everyone sees it and it drives parking compliance. With Barnacle, we are improving our parking compliance and able to better collect from motorists with outstanding citations.
Jeff Lantz Parking Manager, City of Pompano Beach
It’s not often we get a product that goes such a long way towards improving the safety of our people in the field while at the same time enhancing payment and release flexibility for the parking patron.
Kevin McCormick Deputy Director, Department of Public Safety, Town of Hungtington
In my role as the Executive Director of the Reading Parking Authority, the employees at Barnacle Parking have exceeded my expectations in the areas of problem solving and customer service. For motorists, The Barnacle is friendlier than the boot. To work with the public, we use The Barnacle when an individual has 5-9 tickets. The Barnacle fee is $125 whereas the boot fee is $200. An important note is that more individuals have tried to drive off with the boot on their vehicles than with The Barnacle as it is securely attached on their vehicle’s windshield.
Thomas MacDougal Executive Parking Director, Reading Parking Authority

Barnacle VS Boot

Traditional boots are heavy, require time to deploy and remove, and have a higher potential for vehicle damage. Barnacles come fully equipped and activate in minutes, giving staff more time to work on proactive community patrolling. A Barnacle also keeps other enforcement options open; unlike a parking boot, there’s no need to remove a Barnacle ahead of vehicle towing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The system’s smart technology auto-adjusts to any climate to provide the ideal level of suction. Parking enforcement teams use Barnacle devices every day, in all weather—from snowy Canadian winters to blazing Southwest summers.
Barnacle devices run on rechargeable lithium batteries that typically last up to seven days.
People requiring assistance can call the number listed on the Barnacle device, and an enforcement officer can manually remove the immobilizer.
Barnacle devices are durable and weather-proof, so failure is unlikely. In the event of an issue, an enforcement officer will have to return to the vehicle to release the device manually.
97% of Americans have cell phones. In the unlikely case that a violator does not have a phone, they will need to ask for assistance with contacting the parking enforcement office or paying the fine online.

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