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What We Do For Higher Education

A campus should be filled with opportunity—not inconvenience and non-compliance. To defeat both, the Barnacle system combines self-removable hardware with intuitive tracking software for a seamless on- and off-site enforcement experience. With newfound efficiency comes the option to charge less for parking violations. Affordable fines—coupled with self-payment technology—means more students completing their payments, and fewer students graduating with additional debt. From homecoming to commencement, Barnacle keeps compliance high, ensuring everyone has the freedom and space for navigating their higher-ed journeys.

how it works

Providing campus parking managers with a no-fuss way to enforce compliance.

Enforcement personnel process vehicle information through the Enforcer App, input the device code and deploy The Barnacle onto the windshield.

Students are able to pay off the fine online or over the phone.

Once the fine is successfully paid, the student returns the deactivated Barnacle to a secure on-site Drop Box, and arrives to their next class on time.

Benefits for Higher Education

An intelligent student body deserves an intelligent enforcement system—and so do parking staff. The Barnacle provides institutions with a surefire way to combat scofflaws and low compliance.

Easier deployment
Weighing only 17 pounds, deploying The Barnacle is effortless.
Faster remediation
Students can pay the fine and remove the device themselves without having to wait for parking enforcement personnel.
Safer activation
Enforcers can deploy The Barnacle while standing up (instead of kneeling on the pavement out of site of traffic).
Secure design
Motorists are unlikely to drive off with the device because it blocks the windshield (if they do, they won’t get far before the tamper alarm sounds).

What Our Customers Are Saying

We love how visible the Barnacle is, our students are aware of it and it helps to drive compliance on campus.
Don “Fish” Vansandt University Operations Systems Manager, St. Edward’s University
Since Rochester Institute of Technology launched the Barnacle Parking Enforcement system, the University has been able to streamline its enforcement process and drive compliance in its many parking lots. The Barnacle is a great visual deterrent, often sparking social media buzz. The user-friendly App allows for easy deployment and the associated web application gives you a real time play-by-play status of the device. On top of all this great smart technology, the Barnacle backs up its product with an extremely dedicated service team who provide intelligent solutions to any problems. Quite simply, it’s a great solution that truly works.
John Connelly Parking Enforcement and Operations Manager, RIT

Barnacle VS Boot

Lifting a heavy boot and kneeling over to install it is no small feat, often causing injury to enforcement personnel and damage to student vehicles. The Barnacle is lightweight, easy to deploy standing up, and removable by students once the fine is paid. Students aren’t forced to wait for an enforcer and enforcement personnel do not have to return to remove the device—a win-win for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Barnacles function in sun, rain, snow, and other conditions without issue. Water on the windshield poses no problem, and smart sensors adjust with temperature to guarantee the perfect amount of suction.
While the Barnacle does not stop the vehicle from moving, it makes driving challenging, dangerous, and downright illegal. Additionally, a tamper alarm notifies passers-by, while GPS tracking allows for easy device recovery.
University students are undoubtedly clever, but the Barnacle is smarter. With a tamper alarm and intelligent technology that auto-adjusts suction levels to temperature and climate, improper removal of a Barnacle is rare.  In fact, here's an article all about it.
Any motorist that needs assistance removing their Barnacle should call the number on the device, and a member of the parking enforcement staff can come to remove the immobilizer.
Cards without adequate funds will decline, and the Barnacle will stay deployed until the fine is paid or an attendant does a manual release.

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