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What We Do For Healthcare

Barnacle makes employee parking compliance easier—without spoiling the patient and visitor experience. As an enforcement solution that centers on progress over punishment, Barnacle is the ideal partner for healthcare.

how it works


Once a non-compliant vehicle is identified, enforcers can adhere the Barnacle effortlessly and activate it using the Enforcer App.

The returning motorist is able to quickly remove the Barnacle device from their windshield once the fine is paid online or over the phone.

The motorist returns the Barnacle to the nearby Drop Box.

Benefits for Healthcare

In a healthcare setting, parking compliance isn’t just a matter of red tape. It can impact everything from emergency response to patient experience. Hospitals, clinics, LTC homes, and other healthcare facilities deserve better—and can achieve it with the Barnacle system.

Increased compliance
The yellow Barnacle is highly visible, serving as a parking compliance reminder.
Safe maneuvering
Enforcers and employees can easily handle the lightweight Barnacle without ever stepping into oncoming traffic.
Simple payments
Violators can easily pay their fine online or over the phone.
Convenient removal
Once the fine is paid, the Barnacle can be removed from the vehicle in minutes.
No vehicle damage
Safe on glass, Barnacles reduce the risk of liability for damages.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our Parking & Transportation department has been using The Barnacle just over a year. It’s lightweight, easy to maintain and store. Our parking enforcement team loves the fact that this device can be deployed in under five minutes. It has certainly captured the attention of scofflaws and on lookers. The Barnacle enabled our department to recoup over $40,000 in outstanding parking citations! So, if you’re looking for a more effective & efficient parking enforcement device, look no further than The Barnacle.
Valarie Moorer Parking Operations Specialist, UC Davis Health Medical Center

Barnacle VS Boot

Deployed barnacles are more visible than traditional parking boots, making them a safer option for motorists with other issues on their minds and a deterrent to would-be scofflaws. In healthcare situations where a non-compliant parking job can be a safety concern, the Barnacle also acts as an efficient first step; unlike with a boot, there’s no need to remove the device before towing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking boot removal is usually very time-consuming because they require an enforcer, who may not be readily available, to remove the apparatus. The Barnacle can easily be removed by the employee once the fine is paid. When employees spend less time dealing with the immobilizer, they can spend more time serving patients.
Each Barnacle device weighs only 17 pounds, making them easy to remove and carry to the closest Drop Box location. Additionally, there’s no need to enter the roadway to read the information on the immobilizer. If drivers need assistance, they can contact the number on the front of the Barnacle.
People requiring assistance can call the number listed on the Barnacle device, and an enforcement officer can manually remove the immobilizer.
If a driver is unable to call the listed number on the Barnacle or visit the online payment portal, they can visit the closest reception desk or administrative area for support.
When an employee’s chosen payment method lacks funds, the card will decline. Barnacles can only be removed after payment. However, enforcers can manually remove devices on a case-by-case basis.

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