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Barnacle: The Better Business Decision

Ensure parking spaces are available for paying customers


What We Do For Business Owners

Barnacle streamlines parking enforcement, re-mobilization, and fine collection—all while slashing operating expenses—for compliance that works for your business.

how it works

The Barnacle is powered by industry-leading technology that locks the commercial-grade suction cups to the windshield, obstructing the driver’s view until the driver makes payment and removes the device.

Using the Enforcer App, enforcers deploy Barnacle devices onto non-compliant vehicles.

As soon as the driver pays the fine online or over the phone, the Barnacle is released.

Motorists return the Barnacles to a nearby Drop box, and get back on the road.

Benefits for Business Owners

Smart parking enforcement is easily deployed by your employees, while freeing up spots for more paying customers

Each Barnacle is only $250/month, which can be recouped with a few monthly deployments.
Low liability
Tested by American Glass Research, the Barnacle is a vehicle-safe choice that won’t damage windshields.
Employees can deploy and remove Barnacles without physical strain.
Highly visible
Easy to spot, a deployed Barnacle deters other potential scofflaws.

What Our Customers Are Saying

For us, the Barnacle device has checked all the boxes; it’s effective, it’s easy to use, and it’s a time saver. Along with being an outstanding parking enforcement device, the Barnacle also comes with an exceptional customer service staff.
James Faup Lead Parking Enforcement Agent, City of Columbia
We introduced the Barnacle to improve parking compliance at our facility. Not only has it significantly improved compliance, it has done so in a less intrusive way. The Barnacle has had a very positive impact on our community. Unlike other parking enforcement tools, the Barnacle's bright yellow color and high visibility has also helped improve parking compliance. Our security officers also prefer it, because it can be easily deployed in under 30 seconds. There's also no need to get on the ground and apply a metal boot, which in the Vegas sun, can get very hot. We've also had our devices for over a year and they are in great shape.
Sherrie Stroud Project Analyst, Security, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Barnacle VS Boot

Boots don’t just risk vehicle damage; they also can cost you a potential customer. With the Barnacle, violators don’t need to wait for someone to remove the device. They can release it themselves once they’ve paid their fine online or by phone and be on their way, opening up the spot for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter where your campus is located, the Barnacle is your all-weather companion. Come rain or sun, the Barnacle holds on tight to the windshield, even when it’s wet.
Motorists with mobility issues can contact your business via the phone number on the Barnacle. An authorized employee can come and remove the device manually.
A Barnacle costs $250/month. The cost is quickly covered and exceeded through fine collection.
The mobile Enforcer App provides real-time data on device status, location, and more.
Using the Enforcer App, you’ll be able to monitor the precise location of each Barnacle and determine if they’re in the Drop Box, on a vehicle, or elsewhere.

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