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The Barnacle is a feature-rich smart device that brings parking enforcement and mobility into the 21st century.

Lightweight and easy to deploy
Non-damaging to vehicles
Weather-proof and tamper-proof
Trackable through GPS
Seven day battery life
Intuitive keypad for motorist removal

What does the Barnacle do?

A deployed Barnacle latches onto the windshield with 1,000 pounds of force, obscuring the driver’s field of view. If a motorist tries to move the vehicle with The Barnacle attached a motion-activated alarm sounds, ensuring that the vehicle stays put until the fine is settled.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Deploying a Barnacle is much safer than installing a boot; the process only takes a few moments, and attendants don’t have to enter the roadway or lift a heavy device. The Barnacle system also saves time and money, as there’s no need for a second trip out to remove the immobilizer.
The Barnacle’s pay-and-remove system turns the typical two-hour ordeal of a parking violation into a minute-long experience. There’s no waiting on hold or standing by for an operator to arrive—drivers can settle their fine and return to the road in no time.
Unlike traditional parking boots, Barnacle poses minimal risk to the scofflaw’s vehicle. When deployed and removed correctly, the device’s commercial-grade suction cups won’t scratch or chip the windshield.
When drivers pay their fines online or via the automated hotline, they also put down a deposit for the device. Motorists will only receive a refund on their deposit if they return the Barnacle device to a Drop Box within 24 hours. Drop Box locations are provided after payment.
A Barnacle costs $250/month. The cost is quickly covered and exceeded through fine collection.

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