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The parking compliance app that keeps up with you—wherever you go.

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With the Enforcer App in your back pocket, you’re always ready to enforce parking restrictions.

Monitor Barnacle device status and activity
View precise device locations on a map
Get directions to any of your Barnacles
Store vehicle make, model, and license plate data
Capture photos of non-compliant vehicles
Use on any data-enabled phone or tablet

What does the Enforcer App do?

The Enforcer App puts parking enforcement in the palm of your hand, allowing you to deploy and release Barnacles at the touch of a button and giving you up-to-date information on all your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you download the Enforcer App, you can view and modify the status of each Barnacle device in your system. When you spot a non-compliant vehicle, you can use the app to record its details, take photos, and activate the Barnacle. When needed, the Enforcer App also allows you to release a Barnacle manually.
Each Barnacle device is equipped with a data-enabled SIM card and GPS technology. The Enforcer App connects to the devices through these means to gain status updates, triangulate precise locations, and more.
The Enforcer App is free and does not require a subscription or membership fee. However, you’ll need at least one Barnacle device ($250/month) to create an account and start using the app.
The Enforcer App is available for both iOS and Android. If your smartphone or tablet can connect to the internet, you can download and use the Enforcer App for total control over your parking operations.

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