Drop Box

Robust. Rugged. Ready for returns.

The Drop Box offers a convenient place for motorists to return their Barnacle devices—and a secure location for operators who need to retrieve them.

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As sturdy as the Barnacle itself, the Drop Box is a watertight, tamper-proof unit that keeps your Barnacle devices safe after they’ve been deployed and removed.

Built-in mounting brackets
Powder-coat finish
Precision-cut steel frame
Slim, low-profile design
Durable weatherproof construction

What does the Drop Box do?

The Drop Box is a stationary steel container for Barnacle devices. Both a drop-off point for motorists and a designated retrieval location for operators, the Drop Box reinforces compliance and keeps all your post-removal devices safe and secure. Whether you install it in your parking garage, at the entrance of your outdoor lot, or against your building, the Drop Box doesn’t budge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A watertight steel frame keeps weather and would-be thieves out. Integrated mounting brackets allow you to fix the Drop Box to a sturdy surface, making removal of the entire receptacle impossible.
Each Drop Box costs $200/month for the first year. After one year, the recurring expense disappears entirely.
After paying their fine, the motorist receives a list of nearby Drop Box locations and a request to return the Barnacle device within 24 hours. Drivers who fail to return the device in the given timeframe lose their device deposit. The deposit amount and details are shared through the payment portal.
Because each Barnacle device is GPS-enabled, you’ll know when it reaches the Drop Box location post-removal. If a motorist fails to return a Barnacle to a Drop Box, you’ll also be informed (and they'll be charged the deposit fee, which you set).
The Drop Box is a secure, all-steel storage unit for removed Barnacle devices. Motorists return their Barnacle through the one-way slot at the top of the box, and enforcers collect the devices by opening the lockable door. Thanks to each Barnacle’s built-in GPS, parking enforcers will know whenever a device reaches the Drop Box.

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